University of Carthage - Tunisia

Animatrice 7

Prof. Rim Moussa

- La virtualisation des ressources informatiques des centres de calcul universitaires

Rim Moussa is currently a tenured associate professor at University of Carthage, and researcher at LaTICE lab.. She is also habilitated as associate professor in Computer Science Engineering by the the French National Council of Universities. She received her M.Sc. (DEA127 -Computer Science: Intelligent Systems) and Ph.D in Distributed Databases from Université Paris IX Dauphine (France).
She ensures both undergraduate and graduate lectures, related to distributed data management systems, business intelligence fundamentals and practices: Data Warehousing and OLAP, NoSQL databases, Spatial databases, and Cloud Computing & HPC (Big Data, Apache Hadoop, Apache Spark..).
Her current research interests include Scalable and Distributed Data Management systems, Data warehousing, Big Data Architectures and Spatial Computing at scale.