Université de Biskra - Algérie

Speaker 1

Professeur Okba KAZAR

- L’intelligence artificielle et COVID19 : apports et perspectives

In June 1987 I received my engineering diploma. I got magister degree in 1997 from the Constantine University (Algeria) working on artificial intelligence field. I also got my PhD degree from the same university in 2005.
I’m member of editorial board of some Journals. I published more than 318 papers in international journals and communication in international conferences. I participated as session chair in international conferences; I also published a book “Manual d’Intelligence artificielle”, “Big data security” and many chapter’s book. My main research field is artificial intelligence, I’m interested to the multi-agents systems and their applications, PHM in medical and industrial fields, ERP, advanced information systems, Web services, semantic Web, bigdata, internet of things and cloud computing and information communication technologies.
I am currently full professor at computer science department of the University of Biskra that I contributed to its foundation and director of Smart computer science laboratory (LINFI).
I am at the origin of several program of BsC and master in computer science as well as PhD. I had the status of visiting professor in many universities in Europe especially in France.
I completed the supervision of more than 50 magister dissertations and about 30 PhD. I also supervised many graduate and undergraduate projects.